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Welcome to Nature Tendercare!

About Us

Nature Tendercare is formed with a benevolent intention to promote and to provide Natural and Herbal products which will be usefull to one nad all. Strengthened by a legacy of over 28 years of experience in quality service, we are now with complete and efficient Natural products, without any harmful chemicals and their side effects.

Good health is most valuable gift which has been given to mankind. But due to various factors such as pollution, stress, wrong eating habits, wrong lifestyle, etc we have lost that equilibrium with Mother Nature and this has resulted in various disorders. knowing this, we take up this task of taking back people closer to nature through our innovative healthcare products.

To start with, Nature Tendercare is launching Herbal Handmade Soaps. New Artisian Soaps, Pure Coconut oil and Baby soap are on the pipeline. We are also planning to launch Herbal Pain Relief Oil, with which you can walk Pain free / Ache free. Shortly, you can except more Herbal cum Food Supplement products too.

Nature Tendercare emphasizes on that impeccable quality, making use that essence of nature's serenity - kindness, tenderness, pain free and happiness. It is our motto to grow only through quality product with quality service. We expect each and every one of you to try and make use of Nature's sweet and safe products and share your feedbacks and suggestions with us on feedback@naturetendercare.com.

Nature Tendercare is committed to provide you with products that would excel in quality and efficacy standards. We constantly work on to create more handmade products making use of natural resources only.

Our endeavor is to provide our customers Healthcare through Natural and Herbal products which cure the disease, keep them Healthy and Happy.

Wish you all a very Happy and Healthy life!

Nature Tendercare